Flycom Avionics Limited

Flycom Avionics is a world renowned manufacturer of passive communication systems for all open cockpit and closed cockpit aircraft.

We provide high quality integrated flying helmets, intercoms and radios for all Microlight, Ultralight, Autogyro, Paramotor (powered parachute) and General Aviation (GA) Aircraft.

With direct sales to customers in over 50 countries, pilots are continually changing to Flycom.

Why buy Flycom?

Flycom helmets are the superior avionics choice for all open and closed cockpit aircraft pilots. The FH-1V helmet is world renowned for its attractive fully integrated design and its passive communication system. This provides the pilot and his passenger with quiet and clear communication.

There is no head band in the helmet and the ear defenders do not apply pressure to the ears. Consequently, the helmet has a superbly comfortable fit in any size. Our many customers inform us that the helmet is warm, draught free and quiet at all times even when the head is turned sideways. Carefully designed ventilation above and below the visor also prevents misting and overheating.


International customers:  Flycom Avionics now accepts payment in US Dollars and Euros through its PayPal invoicing system. Upon ordering from us, simply request your invoice in the  currency of your choice to avoid credit card or bank conversion fees.