Air Band Antenna

Designed to be mounted on a pod or fuselage 200+ mile transmissions reported 'strength 5. As supplied to Turkish Airlines for its airport ground support vehicles.

The stainless steel whip is demountable from whip base for de-rigging or storage. (10 seconds mount/de-mount time).

The whip is easily adjusted for length via a grub screw giving 12mm (1/2 in) movement.

Supplied with self-adhesive foil ground plane for use on non-metallic surfaces.

Wire ground plane (rigid or flexible) can be supplied as alternative to foil for 3-axis a/c.

The feeder cable is detachable from the water tight antenna base and is supplied 2m long unless specified otherwise.  Extra coax £1.00/m

50 ohm coax feeder RG58. Screened with woven copper braid

Crimp connection BNC plug unless specified alternative 90 degree screw/crimp (removable

Option 1 – Cut to length
The whip can be supplied ready cut to 570 mm (1/4 wave length at 127 mHz).  This will give very good results but may not be optimum.

Antenna Fitting Instructions Click here to download PDF

Option 2 – Cut oversize
The whip can be supplied over-length (650 mm) for optimum SWR tuning. Requires access to an SWR meter.

Antenna SWR Tuning Guide Click here to download PDF