Design philosophy
No matter how efficient a mike or a hearing defender is, inevitably some small amount of the ambient background noise will reach the wearer's ears through both the mike and the defenders. The design of this headset is such that, used in conjunction with any Flycom intercom, the speaker signal and the ambient background noise are out of phase and tend to cancel each other. Because of this the volume control acts also as a "noise balance" despite being entirely passive, just like ANC without the added signal. A very noticeable increase in signal-to-noise ratio occurs when the volume is turned down to about 1/2 volume or less.

HS-1 Headset
The headset utilises the new acoustically improved PELTOR H540A (Optime III) ear defender for state-of-the-art noise exclusion. Each ear defender consists of two cups, one inside the other, separated by special acoustically deadening foam.

User information
In order to fully appreciate and truly enjoy using your  HS-1 Headset, please read the Headset User Information first. Click here to download PDF

Detailed specifications
Can be used with all Flycom Intercoms and other standard aviation 2-jack intercoms using Flycom Adaptor

  • Noise-cancelling electret mike (impedance 1-2 kohms) fitted with foam windshield as standard.
  • No breath noises or ‘explosive’ "p" or "t" sounds.
  • Flexible mike boom does not intrude into the defender.
  • Mike is rubber mounted for low ‘boom microphony’ effect.
  • Speakers are light weight and moisture proof baffle-mounted. Impedance 4-470 ohms
  • Speakers are parallel wired:- If one fails the other is still connected.
  • Individual pilot volume control on each headset. ("OFF" to Loud)
  • Fully screened curly lead. 1m (Ext. 4m)
  • A single 3-pole 6.35mm (1/4") jack plug carries both mike and speaker signals.
  • Slim foam padded headband for superb comfort and easy fitting under caps.
  • Headset weight 350g. Total weight 500g

CE hearing defender noise attenuation: (H) 40dB    (M) 32dB    (L) 23dB    SNR 35dB