Solo Radio Interfaces

PTT-IF-AB interface (paramotor pilot etc)
PTT-IF-AB interface for airband radios with 150 ohm mike inputs like the IC-A6E (A3 and later).

The interface contains circuitry (self powered from the radio, no batteries required) Available with straight PTT cable and/or momentary toggle switch.

It perfectly matches the Flycom helmet or headset to radios with low impedance (150 ohm) mike inputs.
This is suitable for ICOM A3, A22, A6, A24 transceivers. Complete lack of background noise through the mike in standby (Rx) mode.

PTT-IF-PMR interface (paramotor pilot, etc.)
PTT-IF-PMR Interface for old model airband A2/A20 and PMR radios such as IC-4088SR.

Suitable for all radios which accepts an external hand speaker/mike including all PMR or PBR or walkie-talkie transceivers including the older A2, A20 transceivers.

Side tone provided by your radio if available. (No side tone on older A2 and A20 radios).

PTT is a momentary toggle switch for positive action is shown. Also available with red button (see top).

Paramotor customers are advised to order a FLYCOM flying helmet with a short helmet lead.


Please note:
Both PTT interfaces on this page can be supplied with a choice of PTT cable. These can be coiled or straight cables.

Also, there is a choice of hard wired PTT cable or plug-in for easy removal. Both interfaces give complete lack of background noise through the mike in standby (Rx) mode. If your radio provides side tone, this will be heard when you transmit.