PTT Switches

Single PTT Switches
All Flycom PTT switches can be supplied with either red button switches or momentary toggle switches. 

PTT-1C bar-mounted switch with red button and coiled lead. DIN plug fits Mk1-BB intercom.  Available with RCA (phono) plug for Mk2 intercoms

Dual PTT Switches
Can be supplied as single coiled cable with 2 switches or 2 coiled cables each with a switch.

Dual PTT switches for dual radio use. One button for Airband radio, one button for PMR radio. Can be supplied with longer interconnecting cable, straight or coiled (between the switches) for use as P1/P2 dual transmission instructor use (requires COR-1 or COS-1 fitted to intercom)

Dual PTT switches for P1 & P2 transmission use. (requires COR-1 or COS-1 fitted to intercom) Here shown with (momentary) toggle switches. Normally supplied with red buttons (as above)

PTT User instructions
Push To Talk, release to listen. The red button switch is maintenance free.

The toggle switch used in this PTT contains sliding metal parts and as such requires occasional lubrication. A light machine oil such as "3-in-1" is recommended. Two or three drops introduced where the toggle enters the body of the switch is sufficient.

DO NOT USE WD40 OR ANY SIMILAR SOLVENT. This will effectively flush out any lubricant and will eventually lead to a sticking switch.

There is a small degree of sideways movement in the toggle. This is not a fault.

SYMPTOMS OF A STUCK SWITCH (continuously transmitting).

  • Toggle/button remains in the down position. (unplug PTT from intercom and repair or replace).
  • P2 unable to communicate with P1. (P2 mike is mute during transmissions)
  • Radio traffic goes quiet. (Other users of the frequency are blocked by your continuous Tx)

Stuck switches are very rare events but not unknown, so it's best to recognise the symptoms!