Flying Helmets

Design philosophy
No matter how efficient a mike or a defender/helmet combination is, inevitably some small amount of the ambient background noise will reach the wearer's ears through both the mike and the defenders/helmet.

The design of this FH-1V helmet is such that, used in conjunction with any Flycom intercom, the speaker signal and the ambient background noise tend to cancel each other. As a result  of this, the volume control acts also as a "noise balance" despite being entirely passive (like ANC but without the added anti-phase signal).

A very noticeable increase in signal-to-noise ratio occurs when the volume is turned down to about half volume or less.

Flying Helmet user information
In order to fully appreciate and truly enjoy using your FH-1V flying helmet, please read the Flying Helmet User Information first. Click here to download PDF.

For further information on how the Flycom flying helmet has been developed to eliminate as much environmental noise as possible, please read Noise and Hearing. Click here to download PDF.

Size guide
Small: 54-56 cm    Medium: 57-59 cm    Large: 60-62 cm

Note that helmets can be sized down with extra layers of foam fitted under the ‘comfort lining’. As a consequence of the use of Vasco 75H trauma lining, the sizing of the helmet is not critical and will fit perfectly.

General product specification

The helmet utilises the new and acoustically improved Peltor H520F hearing defender (Optime II) fitted with foam and gel ear seals. CE hearing defender noise attenuation certified to standard EN 352-1: Peltor data: (H) 34dB    (M) 29dB   (L) 20dB   SNR 31dB

Our customers tell us that perceived noise reduction of the FH-1V helmet and the Peltor defender is greatly improved compared to defenders of similar type used in open air headsets with cut-away type helmets of other manufacture.

The FH-1V helmet has a noise cancelling electret mike (2k2 ohms impedance) designed to work perfectly with any Flycom intercom and some intercoms of other makes.

FH-1V-GA is supplied with built in 150 ohm mike impedance matching circuitry and separate GA standard mike and speaker jacks on a straight cable GA version for use with GA radios and intercoms. No HA-F/GA adaptor needed.

Detailed specifications of the FH-1V flying helmet

  • Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) outer shell. Hard wearing trim for superb finish.
  • Built-in headset. The non-removable headset is purpose designed and built by Flycom using a Peltor hearing defender with foam and gel ear seals. Please note that his headset does not exist as a stand alone item and is not produced by Peltor.
  • Fully enclosed and surrounded by brushed nylon covered foam upholstery  inside the helmet blisters.
  • No batteries, circuit boards, volume controls,  headset cables or mike booms inside or intruding the ear defenders.
  • Moisture-proof baffle mounted lightweight speakers set into the defenders' original acoustic foam lining.
  • Roomy defenders. No pressure on your ears- the way the defender was originally designed!
  • Mike and speakers as per the Flycom headset.
  • Visor is a modified Bob Heath 'Jet-Flip' with added HD Polyethylene and Neoprene draught-proof chin guard.  The visor is 100% secure and cannot detach accidentally. (It has two security machine screws as well as the three press studs).
  • Flexible mike boom with rubber mounted noise-cancelling electret mike. 2.2k ohm impedance.
  • Curly lead fully screened terminates in a single 6.35mm (1/4") three conductor jack. Metal and plastic body, gold plated tip conductor. (Tip = speakers, ring = mike, sleeve = ground).
  • Individual water-proof pilot volume control mounted on helmet. (bottom rear left) controlling speaker volume adjustable from max to off. 

Comfort and fit
There is no headband inside the helmet.  All you feel is the superbly comfortable helmet on your head and the snug fitting defenders with their noise absorbing upholstery round your ears and neck keeping draughts out.

For complete draught-proofing between the flying suit and the helmet the Flycom neck roll NR-1 with a double thickness of heavy polar fleece is recommended.  The inner trauma lining of the helmet is Vasco 75H developed for NASA. This lining is super energy absorbing for trauma protection, thermal and sound insulation, comfort and a perfect fit.

The helmet also has a foam-backed nylon jersey upholstery comfort lining and  a 4-point riveted chinstrap bridle with easy-adjust strap and quick close/release fastener.

The FH-1V helmet far exceeds all the test requirements in the standard EN 966:1966 and those relevant tests in standard EN 166:2001.

The user should be aware that in real life it is possible to encounter extreme impact and penetration conditions exceeding the test parameters.

Users should be aware that because of its nature, flying is hazardous with or without a helmet  and can result in serious injury or death. Noise can damage your health.

EN 966:1966 does not test the helmet for use in salt water marine environments, nor does it specify or test for any of the communication equipment which may be fitted.

Exposure to sea water can cause metal corrosion and could reduce the life of some of the metal components in this helmet, especially those of an electrical or electronic nature.

Seaplane pilots must ensure that they avoid contamination of the helmet by sea water.