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Well Dave..I don't know what to say except your helmet is EXCEPTIONAL! To say I am impressed is an understatement. The audio is just fantastic, the fit is very comfortable and finish quality is top notch! Thanks for the quick shipping, and helping make flying less stressful, more enjoyable and safer!.. Anyone not flying with one of these is missing out

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Kevin Bell        Centralia, Washington, USA

Dave, I recently purchased a set of Flycoms with the Icom radio. I rarely write a manufacturer about their product but I had to in this case. The Flycom helmet is the most comfortable I have ever worn. I've tried RAD, Comtronics, Lynx and others and yours is by far the most comfortable and functional. I'm glad Larry Mednick of Tampa Aerosports suggested your Helmet and setup. Thanks again and have a great day and fly safe. Chuck Nolen.

Charles (Chuck) Nolen, Fayette, Alabama USA

Hi Dave,

The photo was my first flight with your Flycom helmet today. I love your helmet, it is much quieter than Lynx helmet I used. Thanks a lot.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Henry Imagawa, Valencia, California, USA

Dave, I have to write that after 30 + years of flying I have never flown with such a clear radio.

The comfort and fit of your helmets is without doubt the best I have ever flown with.

What more can I say but thanks, to both yourself and your wife for your hospitality and advice.

A pleasure doing business with you. Best regards to you both,

John and Anne Oswald, Eshott Airfield members. Northumberland, England


............ I'm looking forward to trying some music with those GREAT Flycom helmets!

I regularly fly in the control zone of our local Air Force Base at Trenton, Ontario and the tower operators have remarked on the high quality sound I transmit.

Jim Davison, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Hi Dave!

Just to let you know that the two helmets with intercom that we bought a few months back for our trike are working great! Just the other day I got a remark from the radio operator at one of our local airports that the sound quality was amazing. He even said it was way better than the fixed wing pilots. Can't get any better than that!

And one more thing - we've been flying around in sub-zero temps for the last couple of months and not a single problem. Amazingly warm and comfortable! Great product!

Best regards,

Peter Fagerberg and Leif Kall, Mainair Flash 2 Alpha, Rotax 582, Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Dave,

Following my purchase of the new antenna, (ANT-127) I have fitted it to the turtle deck behind the canopy on my Pitts S2A. The difference this amazing whip aerial made was immediately obvious.  At 4000 ft on a hazy high pressure day I got “Strength 5” at 40 miles, which would normally have been unreachable with my old aerial. Clearly greater distance would be achievable.

Reception was also noticeably better, with greater voice clarity from ATC, and a reduction in the back ground hiss. For a Pitts, which presents a very noisy environment for any comms setup, the ANT-127 is stunning value for money.  I’m glad I didn’t fork out £100+ for a ‘Cessna type’ white fibreglass antenna!

I thoroughly recommend it to pilots who want more from their radio and less from their wallet.

With kind regards,


A little time later......

This weekend I spoke to West Wycombe (Booker) from Leicester - 70 miles at altitude 5000’ - “strength 5”. (they were a bit puzzled as to why I was calling them!).

Bl**dly brilliant!

(*In UK 'bloody brilliant' means extremely good)

Robert Reid, London, England

Hi Dave,

I don't want to bother you unnecessarily but I have to say that the helmet and the mike is fantastic. I have spend a lot of money on different helmets and headsets and Flycom is far more the best one. In the tower they could not believed that I were flying a microlight, they said the radio was "absolutely perfect" The intercom works well.


Dr János Zámbori, Esztergom, Hungary

Yesterday was the first time I have used my new helmet and I just wanted to say that I'm delighted with it!   The clarity of received messages was the best I have experienced and my colleagues say that my transmissions are crystal clear.  I must say that this is also, by far, the most comfortable helmet I have used.

Les Hodgeson, Haltwhistle, England

Hello Dave,

Thanks for a really first-rate service. The new radio charger WAS faulty, but you got a replacement delivered the next day. So I did manage to use the radios on Saturday, which helped me enormously.

No hesitation in recommending Flycom 100%...Regards

Graeme Currall, Cockermouth, Cumbria, England

Hi Dave,

Just to let you know that I have tried the cell phone out and I am really chuffed* to bits... thanks.

(*In UK 'chuffed to bits' means extremely pleased)

Steve Morris, Llay, Wales

Hi Dave,

First of all I have the pleasure to confirm you that the helmets are simply fantastic! We are very happy because we got comfort (we were flying by – 5 Celsius), silence and radio communication quality that were simply outstanding ! I’ve spend so much money on different bike helmets, different radio systems and Flycom is the best investment I’ve done. Thank you!

Once again – more I look at the helmets more I am convinced that there is nothing better!

It is REALLY a very good product – the best open cockpit helmet I have seen in my life ! – the quality of the modulation is really exceptional !

Gregor Stasiak, Warsaw, Poland

Hi Dave

 I have got the intercom a couple of days ago and tested it with the throat mics today. And it works just great. I am very happy with your product!!!

Rolf Rosenquist, Loddekopinge, Sweden

Hello Dave!

The helmet arrived Tuesday, and I tried the intercom with a passenger yesterday and it was a great experience. The good hearing-protection combined with the clear sound makes it a winner!

Thanks a lot!

Frode Leikvoll, Seimsfoss, Norway

Just wanted to take the first opportunity after trying the helmet to give my review. GREAT!! Thank you. I could not believe how quiet this helmet is. Last night there were six Trike flyers from our club at our hanger. A few of them tried the helmet on. They are very impressed. I flew out over the Ocean Beach for about an hour in temps in the low 50 Deg F. and it was just great. NO MORE FROZEN FACE ! I am going to go onto the YAHOO Ultralight Trike site and report on this helmet about just how nice it is. - Tom 

Charles (Tom) McDowell, Pittsgrove, New Jersey. USA


Received the (helmets) system early this week.....I know you already know this, but these things are awesome!!! They are super quiet, awesome sound clarity, very comfortable, and the visor has just the right amount of air flow to prevent fogging......Thanks, for a fantastic product, Chris.

Chris Gullikson, Verona, Wisconsin. USA

Worth adding www.flycom.co.uk to your list of options. I used mine for the first time this weekend and they are very good. I asked for a radio check yesterday morning and my field came back with "Excellent reception, all very clear.  Is your engine running?".  I replied "Affirmative am at 3000ft, 5miles south of you".  I later heard Steve Elsbury radio in for circuit info and thought it must be a spam can as it was so clear.  Steve uses the same helmets. Very comfy and warm too.

Pete Croney (UK) emailed the microlight e-group microlights@yahoogroups.com


......It's all installed (a/c is an Aircamper).....a much tidier installation than the previous intercom......It's every bit as good as you promised, no interference, excellent sound quality and listeners on the ground said they couldn't tell it was an open cockpit aeroplane........Many thanks, Keith

Keith Matcham, Soberton, Southampton, England


Today I really gave the Flycom unit a test and it came through with flying colors!!. I flew for two hours, at -5 C, in my trike (Air Creation 503 Racer S / XP11 Win) with no windshield  at approximately 65 mph with nothing on my head. You were right when you said my balaclava wearing days were numbered!. There is no other helmet that would allow me to do that in such an extreme temperature situation. Secondly, the quality of the sound from the headset is fantastic. My engine is about 1 foot from my head and I could barely hear it, yet all the traffic in the pattern could be heard like I was sitting in my living room. Wow, what a difference!. I have tried the others (Airzone, Lynx) and they do not compare in all around performance. Feel free to give my name to anyone who needs a customer's opinion. If it works in the extreme climate we have here in Minnesota it will work anywhere.

Andrew Slack, Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Thank you for sending me the helmets so quickly Dave. I can't believe the difference compared to my old headsets...... I am really *chuffed to bits with the helmets and intercom. Thanks again.

(In UK 'chuffed to bits' means extremely pleased.)

David Morrison, Kelso, Scotland


The helmet has worked very well, heat isn't a problem despite 34C+ temperatures (I was worried about the ventilation) and the sound insulation is very effective.  Thanks again

Reinold Tellegen, Cordoba, Spain

......Incidentally, I have praised your integral helmet with visor and chin guard during the recent cold weather. It remains warm and cuts out so much external noise.

Ray R Nichol, Scotby, Carlisle, England

Please find ..... payment for two FLYCOM headsets.

Performance is excellent. Both radio and (our) standard intercom function with good clarity. Noise-cancelling from the mikes works well. Great product.

Mike R Parr, Holmbrook, Cumbria, England

..... I now find the PTT switch provided on the intercom perfectly adequate for my needs.

I would also like to add that I am delighted at the quality of reception from other stations and between myself and my instructor; the noise reduction is very apparent.

It has made flying in our rather noisy aircraft a great deal more comfortable. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending the FLYCOM Mk2 to anyone.

P J Evans, Swansea, Wales

Hi Dave

Björn installed the intercom system last night and did a test flight. "The dogs b*llocks!!!!!!" Much much better than my Lynx system, Communica et al. A real professional set.

I would like to order, if possible, two of the chin guards plus neoprene that you have fitted to the visor. They work extremely well and are much better than the Lynx fibreglass items.

Both Björn and I appreciate your support in sending over the equipment and we shall endeavor to promote it everywhere we go. I shall try to sell my Lynx set and order a Flycom set for myself.

Regards Terry (and Björn)

(in UK 'the dog's bollocks' means the very best there is)

Terry Acton, Bjorn Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Dave,

........with reference to the radio in G-MYBW........James Morgan who is an ex Air Traffic Controller, was in the tower the day you flew into Carlisle, and found it difficult to believe that you were flying a microlight, as in his words your radio was "absolutely perfect" and there was no background noise as is normal with microlights.

Both James and the Aero Club Have no objection to you quoting his comments and we wish you well with the production of this equipment and we hope to see you again in the better weather........

J A Nichol (Mrs.), Operations Manager, Carlisle Airport, England

Richard Pearce wrote:

I fly a Paramotor (very noisy) and need to look at changing my Paragliding

helmet and ear plugs to something a bit more sophisticated!

I like the look of your 'all in one' helmet.


Hello Dave,

Helmet has arrived. Many thanks. The finish is superb! The sound attenuation capabilities are also much better than expected.......

Read product review #1 on  www.paramotorsuk.co.uk

Richard Pearce, Halesowen, West Midlands, England

Sacha Van Straten emailed the microlight e-group microlights@yahoogroups.com

.......Steve's (Steve Elsbury) Flycom helmets, with integrated intercoms, really are wonderful. No wind noise, very comfy, and superb reception. Plus you get to look like an extra from a Star Wars film. I have nothing to do with Dave's company but from my brief experience the helmets were warmer and worked better than anything else I've tried. Worth a look-see if you need more head gear......The kit really is brilliant and I was very impressed with how much better it made the flying experience.

Jon Price emailed the microlight e-group microlights@yahoogroups.com

.......Next question.

Helmets/Headsets. Lynx or Comunica? Thoughts????

Pete Croney (Flycom customer) replied: 

No question whatsoever... Flycom

Oliver Farrell (Flycom customer from Ireland) added:

Jon, I second Pete Croney on choosing Flycom: top quality service, equipment, and best price! Very comfortable too wear. Check out the website: http://www.flycom.co.uk/

Paul Bass (Flycom customer and Quik flyer) added:

I'll third this! Flycom is great for your hearing!  Having experienced ringing ears for 2 months from what I believe was noise pollution, I hedged my bets.

With the Flycom new helmet\headset combination I can hardly hear the engine (but enough to know it's running)! That can only be good.

Plus you don't have to wear a balaclava which also allows noise to get into your lugs, which can cause cumulative ear damage.